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Wheaten Sterling is committed to supporting organizations by providing strategic planning, development (fundraising), marketing, communications, financial planning, and other services.  While some organizations may have internal staff who can support business or planning functions as part of their role, every organization can benefit from an outside perspective and guidance with planning and business management. Small and mid-sized organizations may not be able to afford to hire staff to perform planning and business functions and they feel they cannot afford consulting services for strategic planning that is critical to moving their organization forward.  
Virginia Kilmer
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Virginia has over 25 years experience as an executive, board member, manager and staff accountant. She has an MBA in Finance and Healthcare Administration and worked as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for various hospitals around the country. She has experience in strategic planning, development planning, budgeting and financial management for organizations with annual budgets as small as $40K up to $98M.  

She has served as a board member and officer on various boards including, the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies, a statewide animal welfare organization, the Shenandoah Valley Music Festival, Response Domestic Violence Shelter, Healthy Families and His House for Her.  

Virginia's primary focus is strategic planning, development (fundraising) planning, board development, and team building. She also has experience and enjoys working on capital campaigns.  She is a member of the Association of Strategic Planners (ASP). 

Wheaten Sterling is a DiSC partner and Virginia is a certified DiSC facilitator and consultant.  Building a stronger organization, starts with building a stronger leadership team.  

Karen Laday

Karen is a corporate development consultant with expertise in strategic social responsibility campaign leadership, solution development, partner management and significant fundraising acumen. Karen has secured over $3M in individual and corporate capital campaign donations for a school renovation project, and managed a $9M national United Way campaign for a large retail organization.

Karen worked as Development Director for the Dallas International School  and as a campaign manager for JC Penny Company.  Karen founded Collegiate Concepts, a company that held over 20 collegiate licensing contracts around the country, and developed marketing strategies.

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