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The Road to Success begins with a vision, but a vision is just a dream without a plan!

Strategic Planning Workshop

It all starts with your strategy. Before you create your development (fundraising) plan and before you budget for next year, the strategic plan is the guide for your organization to move forward and set the focus for your programs, services and fundraising. We will work together to review your current plan and set goals for next year. This workshop will take you through the steps to create your strategic and focus your organization on success for the year.


Development (Fundraising) Planning Workshop

Is your organization always preparing for fundraising campaigns and appeals last minute? Are your finances always on a roller coaster ride? Does it seem like an overwhelming task to try to plan fundraising for an entire year? If you said “Yes” to any of those questions, this is the workshop for your fundraising team. We will go through a step by step process to plan your organization’s fundraising for the year.

Bonus: We will also check in on your year-end fundraising campaign just in time to kick it into high gear!


Budgeting Workshop

Budgeting for a nonprofit organization can be difficult and frustrating, but it is critical for your organization. A budget helps you manage your resources for programs and services and keeps you focused on your goals. If you apply for grant funds, it can make the difference between receiving a grant or not, and a budget is your tool to measure success, which is important to your supporters. This workshop will help you with the basics of nonprofit finances and how to create and effective budget for your organization to use to achieve your goals, apply for grant funds and use for fundraising.

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