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Rescue Certification

Over 15 years experience establishing and operating a 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization, which is still in operation today.  


Wheaten Sterling will provide operational guidelines for an animal rescue organization.  This will serve as the basis for review of your rescue organization.  Certification will include a review of the organizational structure, policies and procedures, and protocols for animal care.

Animal Assisted Therapy Program

Certified in animal assisted therapy, Wheaten Sterling will design an animal assisted therapy program and implement it using your own community resources.  These services are usually applicable to hospitals, therapy programs and nursing care facilities.

Animal Welfare Programs and Projects

Does your organization have goals and objectives to set up new programs and projects, but you just never seem to have the time to get them set up?  Wheaten Sterling can come provide your organization with project management support.

A temporary project manager will design an implementation plan bring your team together to implement it and give you all the protocols and procedures you need to operate it once it has been set up.

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